Ceramics head, acrylic glass cube, pine board, iron tripod, speaker, amplifier, CD's reader
142 x 300 x 55 cm
Audio: 16' 07'' (On The Marionette Theatre by Heirich von Kleist)
(voice by Gerd Hammer)

The dialogue or monologue with the black cube is related to the history of the monochrome that for A kills B goes from Malevich’s Black Square to António Areal’s A História Dramática de um Ovo (The Dramatic Story of an Egg). It is also obviously related to the text read in German (The puppet theatre by Heinrich von Kleist selected by José Miranda Justo who collaborated with us on this piece) that emphasizes the existence of a discourse behind the ‘formal thing’ (the swing), element that also operates as something that keeps time for the viewer, linking the viewer to the piece.

The German language has the quality of becoming very mechanical to the Portuguese audience, reminiscent of radio plays and concrete language. The spectator therefore creates an abstract or formal relation with the text, very similar to the one experienced with the cube. The text is also layered with information that in the future could allow a re-territorialization of this work in relation to notions of ‘the original’, machination, and event.